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Rtec Universal Tribometer MFT-5000

MFT-5000 Product Summary

The Rtec Universal Tribometer - MFT5000 is a multi functional tribometer that can run several friction, wear tests on the same platform. It can perform ASTM, DIN, ISO and non standard mechanical tests. The tribometer comes with easy to interchange modules that allows it to run different tests on same platform. This application notes displays few commonly used applications. Please contact us if you need more information for the application or if you cannot find wat you are looking for.

Few Applications Notes

Featured Monthly Application

Brake shoe friction materials are critical elements of every vehicle. The advent of hybrid and electric cars, regenerative braking and modern safety regulations are key motivations to develop brake friction materials. Brake materials are typically evaluated by standard protocols such as SAE J2522 on a full-blown dynamometer. The test involves evaluating behavior of a friction material at varying pressures, speeds, temperatures and deceleration conditions.

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