Rtec Instruments provides several ASTM, DIN, ISO standard and customized solutions for biomaterials, coatings, tooth, lens, stents, prothesis, implants, bovine serum, and more.

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Biomaterial Solutions We Offer

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scratch data images

Scratch Adhesion, Resistance

To ensure good biocompatibility and long lifetime, there is a great interest in knowing adhesion and scratch resistance of many types of functional surface coatings applied to biomaterials (stent, prosthetics, joints, valves, connectors).

Study scratch adhesion, scratch hardness, scratch resistance at nano, micro and macro scale. In-line integrated 3D profilometer creates 3D stitched images to comprehensively and conclusively characterize the coating failures.


Novel materials and coatings for replacement and repair of human body parts, various medical devices, and other common medical equipment are growing. To study degradation due to fretting, wear and corrosion Rtec Instruments provides unequaled specifications for fretting testers. Testers include controlled stroke from 5 microns to several mm, and up to 500 Hz frequency across controlled environmental conditions (temperature and liquids).

Fretting test wear mark
tribo corrosion data from Rtec tribometer


Medical devices in humans use metallic biomaterials and coatings more than any other family of materials. The corrosion resistance of materials affects its functionality, durability, and is a prime factor governing biocompatibility.

Study the effect of corrosion of biomaterials, coatings and components durability, adhesion, hardness, fretting, wear resistance, friction, and more using several available testers.


Rtec Instruments provides several industrial and research solutions for the dental industry. Study life of dental materials, implant torque strength, wear between two tooth surfaces, effect of tooth brush on dental materials, and image surface change vs time. Test one or multiple samples at the same time. The profilometer provides tooth surface imaging with ease.

Rtec Dental Implants solutions
Polymer surface data using Rtec 3d optical microscope


Advances in production of well-defined and optimized polymers plays a central role of polymers in functional biomaterials. Commodity synthetic polymers are widely used as contact lens, intraocular lens materials, microspheres as drug delivery reservoirs, and polymer scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Rtec offers a wide range of solutions for bio polymers. Test surface and finish components by evaluating friction, durability, roughness and topographical data, multi-layer film thickness, and scratch resistance.


Rtec Instruments Adhesion Tester is a turnkey solution to measure pull up adhesion force, work of adhesion, and shear adhesion of materials. Equipped with ultra-sensitive capacitance load cells, this tester provides µN level resolution with forces up to 5 N. Integrated with high resolution inverted camera allows researchers to measure the Contact Area vs. Normal Force. This is extremely useful in measuring adhesion of soft materials, biomimetics and hydrogels.

Surface adhesion from contact area vs force test module
nano tribology of thin films using tribometer

Friction and Wear

The understanding of friction in bio materials is of increasing importance due to the various new applications of industries, such as healthcare, biomedical, food and personal care, and the incorporation of soft materials into technology.

Perform tribology, friction and wear studies under a wide test load range, and motion. All while testing under a variety of controlled environmental conditions, such as liquid, temperature, and corrosion. Test coatings, materials, and components (contact lens, optical glasses, tooth, hip joint, stents, sutures, implants, tissue, skin, valves, connectors) with ease.  Combine the data together with our in-line integrated 3D profilometer.

3D Imaging

Combine 4 imaging modes in one head. It requires only one mouse click to alternate between the different imaging modes. Image any surface with ease – transparent, flat, dark, flat, curved, and more.

Scratch adhesion test on car varnish

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