3D Scratch On The MFT Series Platform

Modular and versatile coating scratch testing evaluation with an integrated 3D profilometer.

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3D Scratch Testing With The MFT Series Overview

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    Coatings Adhesion, Scratch, and Mar Resistance

    Scratch tester 3d image data of hard coated surface

    Friction, Wear, and Coating Failures Data Correlation

    Pre Test Image

    Sample moves under 3D profilometer to measure surface topography

    Scratch test

    Single or multiple scratches using predefined recipes are performed

    Post Test Image

    The sample moves under the profilometer to analyze scratch area


    Automatic image, adhesion, friction, depth, and roughness correlation reports are created.

    3D Scratch tester data showing panoramic image combined with scratch adhesion data

    3D Scratch Test nm to mm, Thick Coatings, and High Temperature

    DLC coating failure data after scratch adhesion test on scratch tester

    A scratch test requires applying a load on the sample that needs testing with a spherical or custom tip. During load application, the sample moves at a constant velocity and several parameters such as Friction (Fx), Down force (Fz), Coefficient of friction (COF), displacement (Z), acoustic emission (AE), and temperature are measured in situ.

    Sensors and Chambers

    Application specific solutions

    Environmental chambers and a variety of sensors create numerous test variations that replicate real-life scenarios.


    Various sensors on coating scratch adhesion tester allows gathering of more information during the test.

    Electrical Contact Resistance

    Measure point of coating failure by looking at resistance change during the scratch.

    Acoustic Emission

    Measures sound signal during the scratch, that may point to onset of coating failures.


    Provides scratch corrosion studies.

    Environmental Chambers

    Temperature, Humidity, and More.

    scratch test setup on rtec scratch tester
    Scratch Setup With In-line Profiler
    scratch test using Rockwell tip on 3D scratch tester
    Scratch With Rockwell Tip
    Scratch Adhesion Test Using cutting tool on rtec scratch tester
    Scratch With Cutting Tool

    The Scratch Test Solution

    Due to multiple configurations, the MFT Series  is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

    • Thermal Spray Coatings
    • Marr Resistance, Scratch Adhesion
    • Thermal Spray Coatings
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Scratch Resistance
    Hard Coating
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Scratch Hardness
    • Scratch Resistance
    Optics and Glasses
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Scratch Resistance
    • Scratch Resistance

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