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Analyze friction, wear, hardness, adhesion, and many more applications using our wide range of tribometers. Rtec tribometer applications include industrial research and quality control.

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What is A Tribometer Used For?

Tribometers study wear, friction, and lubrication on interacting surfaces. When two surfaces rub together, they create friction. Over time, these two surfaces create wear. Therefore, the applications of tribometers is universal and their analysis impact our everyday life.

wear mark progression on tribometer using in-line 3D profilometer

What are the applications of tribometers?

Tribometer analysis and their friction technology can be seen in daily life. Simple examples are car brakes and their longevity. Or a phone’s touch screen and its durability. Rtec Instruments manufactures tribometers and provides the failure analysis needed to improve products and mechanical systems.

What industries use tribometers?

Because friction is everywhere, tribometers play a major role in improving the efficiency of industrial products and energy conservation. Therefore, Rtec tribometer applications are found in a wide range of industries. Such as aerospace, automotive, biomaterials, hard coatings, optics and glass, polymer, semiconductors, and so much more.

A Tribometer for Any Application

Application specific solutions

Rtec Instruments’ Universal Tribometer contains versatility and modularity that provides several tribological and mechanical testing solutions for various industries. Today it is widely used to measure friction coefficient across lubricant, grease, bio, automobile, semiconductor, aerospace, materials, ceramics, space industries, and more. To get correct friction force, it is important to conduct experiments in conditions close to the real application. Our Universal Tribometer provides custom motions, wide load range, customized holders and drives to generate meaningful data with ease.

Universal tribometer MFT-5000 by Rtec Instruments
Need Versatility?

Take a closer look at the Multi Function Tribometer, MFT-5000

Universal tribometer Bench Top MFT-3000 by Rtec-Instruments
Need A Benchtop?

Learn about our Multi Function Benchtop model, the MFT-3000

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