High Temperature Tribometer

Several high temperature tribology, friction, and wear test modules available on our tribometer platforms. High temperature mechanical and surface testing.

High temperature tribology chamber for high temperature mechanical and surface testing
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Detailed Module Information

Module Features

  • Room to max 1200°C temperature range
  • Construction from high temperature alloys
  • Several interchangeable modules on the same platform.
  • Negligible thermal drifts
  • Safe operation with closed wall chambers.

Why study high temperature tribology? Characterizing tribological, friction and wear properties of material at high temperatures is critical in applications, such as engines, turbines, aerospace, power plant constituent parts, hot rolling, ceramics, combustion engine, and metallic alloys where materials are subjected to high temperatures.

Rtec high temperature tribometer modules to study material and coating friction, wear, hardness up to 1200°C. The test can run under a wide range of motion, load, and speed.

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    One Platform. So Many Ways

    Rtec Instruments’ high temperature tribometer provides interchange modules on the same platform.  Wide load range mN to 5000N to simulate several high temperature tribology applications. Choice of module and test conditions depend on the final high temperature mechanical and surface testing application.

    Data and Analysis

    The graph shows friction coefficient at elevated thermal conditions for certain metallic alloy to simulate service conditions.

    High temperature tribometer data at 1000°C

    Solution To

    Due to its multiple configurations, high temperature mechanical and surface testing is achieved across a wide range of industries:

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Ceramics
    • Hard Coatings
    • Lubricants
    • Metal
    • Power Plants
    • Coatings

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