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CMP R&D Polisher with Controlled Polishing for Effective
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CP-5000 Chemical Mechanical Polisher Overview

Main Features:

  • Real Time Coefficient of Friction
  • Controlled Down Force and Speed
  • Integrated 3D profilometer
  • Several wafer sizes can be mounted
  • In-line Temperature and  Acoustic Emission to study process

Advance process and product development with our CMP R&D polisher. We optimized product development by providing several polishing processes on one platform. This includes a wide speed range, closed-loop downforce control, versatile wafer holders, and automatic slurry delivery system. Additionally, the CMP tester monitors several in-line signals during the polishing process.

Besides polishing wafers & substrates, the tester comes with an in-line surface profilometer. This combination provides information on how the surface, friction, and wear changed. As well as, why imperfections occur.

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CMP Platen for CMP tester


Unmatched Load Cell Technology and Speed

During the polishing process high resolution in-line force measurements quantify interfacial interactions. To optimize the process, the CP-6 provides full control of down force. This includes speed and flow rates based on customized test protocols.

Pad Conditioner

Self-leveling upper pad conditioner holder with both active rotation and horizontal oscillations.
Accommodates conditioner from 0.5 “to 4.25”

Reliable and Accurate

Each CMP Tester is versatile with many sensors and temperature options. The motorized XY stage comes with fast exchange, providing meaningful data with ease.

Ease Of Use

The CP-5000 comes with Fast Exchange carriers that allow quick and easy mounting of wafer and pads. The software comes with predefined standard test recipes. The user keeps the ability to easily create new custom recipes.

In-line Sensors
Torque – High resolution in-line torque sensors provide high accuracy end pointing.

Acoustic – Acoustic signal that allows qualitative end point. As well as, aids in debris and defects detection during the polishing process.

Temperature – In-line temperature monitoring of pad and area close to wafer polishing surface. This aids in the study of the removal mechanisms.

Patented Integrated In-line 3D Profilometer

Characterize pad surface with nm resolution. The profiler comes with confocal, interferometer, dark field, and bright field modes. The tester provides automatic stitching across large surface areas. Essential for volume wear and roughness calculations.

cmp polisher pad void image from 3d optical microscope
Pad 1 Surface
cmp polisher pad image from 3d optical microscope
Pad 2 Complete Bump Feature
Wear mark progression with in-line 3d-profiler on rtec-instruments tester
3D Surface Change vs Test Runs

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