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Rtec Instruments has a solution for every industry

Aerospace Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Rtec Instruments provides vacuum and extreme temperature environments for several ASTM, DIN, and ISO surface and material tests.

Automotive Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Check the quality of every automotive component. From the marr resistance of paint coatings to the effectiveness of oils and lubricants.

Biomaterial Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Analyze stents, prothesis, implants and more with our large range of analytical systems.

Ceramics Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Because ceramic materials and components are in found in many industries, our instruments are versatile to cover all testing applications.

Hard Coating Solutions by Rtec Instruments
Hard Coating

Our hard coating testing solutions evaluate cutting tools, decorative, functional coating, and more for research and quality control.

Lubricants Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Lubricant tests for friction, wear, lubricity, and tribological properties under controlled environmental conditions.

Metal Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Simulate real-life metal wear with our various controlled testing conditions. Characterize wear, durability, fretting, roughness, corrosion resistance and more.

Optics and Glass Solutions by Rtec Instruments
Optics and Glass

In addition to transparent materials, Rtec Instruments evaluates mirror surfaces, touch screens, glass, hard coatings and more for research and quality assessment.

Pharmaceutical Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Verify product quality in every step of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Evaluate tablets, packaging, and more.

Polymer Solutions by Rtec Instruments

We offer the polymer materials industry with analytical solutions to cover every stage manufacturing and product research.

Semiconductor Solutions by Rtec Instruments

Highly accurate data and fast speeds, our comprehensive analysis evaluates friction, durability, perception, and touch.

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