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Product Summary

We develop and manufacture an extensive range of products for industrial, university research, and quality control. Our scientific instruments detect, analyze, and supply the characteristics and properties of all types of surfaces, materials, and components.

Our Products

High quality tribology and surface inspection instruments for every application.


High Speed and Resolution

Our latest generation encoders provide the best Z resolution, no matter the scanning distance or magnification.

Modular Platform

Our products supply the versatility needed to test large and small samples, multiple types of tests on one platform, and in-line imaging.

Environmental Control

Our instruments include a wide range of environmental options, including high temperature, corrosion, pressure, vacuum, cooling, and inert gas.

3D tribology and surface inspection Data

Get the Data You Need

Test and inspect any sample with nm resolution. Scratch tests, wear and friction, indentation, and 3D imaging are just a few examples of surface characterization our diagnostic instruments provide.

Superfast Tribology System

In addition to the ultra-fast sensors and encodes, our rapid testers supply analysis and reports with the utmost precision and clarity.

Replicate Real Conditions

The accuracy of a test highly depends on the environmental conditions. Therefore, our products include chambers to provide various temperatures, pressures, lubricity, and much more.

Diversity For All Surface Inspection Needs

Whether a surface or material is flat, rough, transparent, or opaque, our profilers can image it all. With the highest speeds and Z resolution, our optical microscopes are in a class of their own. The 6-in-1 imaging analysis includes interferometer, confocal, spectral film thickness, dark field, AFM, and Raman.

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