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Multi Function tribometers from Rtec-instruments
Multi Function Tribometer MFT Series

The versatile and modular Universal Tribometer runs several friction, wear, mechanical property tests on one platform. Integrated 3D profilometer.

Rtec Instruments Surface Material Tester, SMT-5000
Indentation and Scratch Tester SMT-5000

Coating adhesion, scratch resistance, film thickness, hardness: this unique tester comes with an integrated profilometer. Study the effect of roughness, coating texture, and deposition techniques on the mechanical properties of coatings.

Fretting tester series from Rtec Instruments
Fretting Tester FFT Series

Electromagnetic actuator on a rigid base with stroke control from 5 microns to several millimeters. Test fretting, friction, wear, and failure of materials.

Universal profilometer from Rtec Instruments
Universal Profilometer UP Series

Optical profilometer that combines white light interferometer, confocal microscope, and dark and bright field imaging. One profilometer to image any surface.

Air Jet Erosion Tester AJ-1000 from Rtec Instruments
Air Jet Erosion Tester AJ-1000

Coating and material erosion tests up to 1000 °C, with various kinds of abrasive particles at controlled velocity and impact angles.

CMP Tester
CMP Tester CP-6

Unique CMP polisher provides analytics of the CMP process with an in-line friction sensor. Combined with a profilometer to characterize change with nm resolution.

Fretting tester bench top from Rtec instruments model FFT-m
HFRR Tester

Bench top High Frequency Reciprocating Rig HFRR testing machine used for lubricity tests.

Hot hardness tester module
1200°C Hot Hardness Tester

High temperature elevated hardness tester to measure hardness vs temperature of materials at inert atmosphere, high loads

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