Hot Hardness Tester

Hot hardness testing up to 1200°C across multiple samples in inert atmosphere.

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High Temperature Hardness Tester Overview

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    Hot Hardness Indent 3D Images

    3D images taken using Rtec Universal Profilometer

    Module Information

    MFT-5000 high temperature modules are an excellent option for running hardness testing at elevated temperatures.

    sample at high temperature in hot hardness tester

    Unique chamber design, exotic high temperature alloy materials, good thermal uniformity for repeatable data.

    hot hardness tester thermal management tester
    Environmental Control

    The inert gas chamber allows reaching rough vacuum before purging the chamber with inert gas. This reduces oxygen concentration in the chamber and prevents oxidation of the sample surface and indenters.

    Hot hardness tester sample holder
    Multiple Samples and Automatic Indents

    Multiple indents across different samples or within same sample with only one click.

    Hot Hardness Testing Analysis

    The table shows materials hardness vs temperature for certain metallic alloy. 

    High temperature indentation data


    The high-temperature hardness module on the MFT-5000 is interchangeable to allow running several other standard and nonstandard high-temperature tests on the same platform.


    Isolate the high resolution load cells using innovative design and methods resulting in negligible thermal drift during the test.

    Down force control

    Real-time force control during the test. This allows to run several hardness standard on same tool.

    Temperature Control

    Close loop temperature control characterizes hardness at various temperatures.

    XY Stage

    The XY stage to create multiple indents automatically at various temperatures and locations.

    Hot Hardness Testing Solution

    The Hot Hardness tester is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

    • Aerospace
    • Hard Coating
    • Lubricants
    • Metal
    • Polymer
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