Benchtop Instrumented Indentation and scratch testing for nano and micro force ranges. Combined with an in-line 3D profiler and film thickness probe characterize surfaces automatically with confidence.

Vacuum Tribometer

Mechanical characterization under vacuum environment 
10-7 Torr vacuum with temperature ranges of -150°C to 1000°C

Multi Function Tribometer

A surface testing instrument designed to evaluate friction, wear, mechanical properties, and surface topography of materials, coatings and lubricants. Widest test range on one platform, highly versatile, easy to use with integrated 3D profilometer.

Universal Profilometer

The UP-24 optical 3D microscope combines four imaging techniques on one head. This allows it to analyze any surface — transparent, flat, curved, dark, smooth, rough. Inspection with nm resolution with ease.

Fretting Testers

Fretting tester with technology break through in voice coil control. High frequency signal analysis allows fretting wear tests across a wide test range (load, speed, stroke, temperature).

Characterize Coatings, Lubricants, Materials, and More

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