Electric Vehicle Tribology

We offer a comprehensive range of electric vehicle (EV) tribology, friction, and wear test solutions, empowering you to maximize EV efficiency and durability with precision.
rtec-instruments electrified traction module for EV tribology
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Module Features

  • Several electrified tribology and mechanical test modes
  • e-Traction, e-4 Ball, e-Reciprocating, e-Rotary, e-Fretting
  • e-Twin Roller and e-3 Roller (Rolling Sliding Pitting)
  • DC mode, AC mode, with Impedance, spark studies
  • Closed-loop temperature control
  • Highly versatile load and speed range

What is electric vehicle tribology? Electric vehicle tribology is a specialized branch of tribology that focuses on studying the friction, wear, and lubrication of components specific to electric and hybrid vehicles (EVs).  Studying electrified tribology is essential for optimizing the performance and longevity of electrified systems such as electric and hybrid vehicles. Standard information that can be gathered from EV tribology testing are:

  • Change in lubricant film properties due to the effect of charge carried by the fluid
  • Effect of EDM or arcing on friction.
  • Study stray current (pitting, loose particles, brittle materials)
  • Effect of higher temperature at the interface
  • Tribology associated with higher operational speed
  • Development of specialized materials and lubricants that are tailored to withstand the unique mechanical and electrical stresses

Rtec-Instruments’ electrified tribology solutions:

Rtec offers a comprehensive range of test setups, meticulously designed for electrified tribology tests. These solutions are at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that you stay informed and equipped with the latest tools in your field.

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    Learn More About Our Tribometer Platforms
    EV tribology tribometer platforms for electrified tribology testing
    Electrified Tribometer Platforms

    Learn more about our versatile tribometer platforms that provide friction, wear, and surface properties of various materials under a multitude of environments and electrified testing conditions.

    Electrified MFT-5000 Platform

    Rtec-Instruments’ MFT-5000 offers a versatile platform for conducting multiple EV tribology tests, encompassing a range of common electrified applications, some of which are highlighted below.

    Impedance vs. changing linear velocities, 10SRR At Different Linear Velocities

    Measure Impedance vs. Changing Linear Velocities

    Transition from Ohmic to Capacitive Behavior over lubrication regimes. By precisely measuring impedance against varying linear velocities, we provide valuable insights into the dynamic tribological behavior of materials under different speed conditions.

    The EV Tribology Solution

    With advanced capabilities and customizable setups, Rtec’s tribometers supply the advanced EV tribology that empowers researchers and engineers to optimize materials, lubricants, and more for enhanced durability and efficiency in electric vehicle applications.

    • Bearings
    • Seals
    • Thermal Fluids
    • Lubricants
    • Connectors
    • Coatings
    • Materials
    • Brakes
    • Shafts
    • Gears

    Learn more about our electrified tribology platforms.

    Universal tribometer MFT-5000 by Rtec Instruments
    The Universal MFT-5000 Tribometer

    Take a closer look at the Multi Function Tribometer and its extensive range of testing setups.

    MPT-3000-micropitting tester three roller contact surface fatigue tester
    Micropitting Rig

    Learning more about the MPT-3000 micropitting tester’s cutting-edge features and applications.

    TwinRoller-3000 Two roller tribometer
    Twin Roller Tribometer

    Explore how the Twin Roller Tribometer revolutionizes friction and wear testing with its unique dual-roller configuration.

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