Traction Machine On The MFT Platforms

Our next-generation mini traction and extreme traction machines offer the widest range of load, speed, environmental, and electrified conditions. Their advanced capacitive sensors and unique platform features make them the most versatile solutions in the market.

MFT-5000 and MFT-2000 traction machine platforms
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Detailed Module Information

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    Watch The Mini Traction Machine in Action on MFT-5000

    Impedance vs. changing linear velocities, 10SRR At Different Linear Velocities

    Electrify Your Traction Testing

    Test the lubricants, thermal fluid, and more under various AC, DC, or voltage modes during Stribeck and traction tests at various temperature conditions.

    The electrified model allows simple contact resistance tests or complex impedance studies to optimize the tribology performance and durability of electrified systems.

    Test conditions  – 0 to 60V(30×2), 0 to 3A. Voltage output with 0.06% accuracy and current output with 0.2% accuracy.

    Choice Of Platform For Traction Test

    Rtec-Instruments traction testing modules can be installed on three platforms: the floor-standing MFT-5000 and the benchtop MFT-2000 series. Each is equipped with specialized features tailored to meet QC and R&D needs in tribology.

    Mini Traction Machine lubricant testing analysis data showing COF vs SRR at different temperatures

    Lubricant Analysis You Can Rely On

    Investigating the friction and wear properties of lubricants, oil, and additives is essential to optimize lubricant efficiency, reduce wear, and enhance product durability. Quickly measure the force between the two contacts and record results automatically. The lubricant test profile includes the range of speeds, temperatures, and loads. Data is displayed in real-time and provides in-depth analysis and comparison between samples.

    The Mini Traction Machine Tribology Testing Solution

    The MFT-5000 and MFT-2000 tribometers provide a wide range of tribology test solutions applicable to a wide range of industries. Our collection of mini traction or extreme traction machine testing instruments offers fast results for high-quality lubricant analysis and performance evaluation. Simple and versatile, the traction machine is suitable for both QC and R&D applications. In addition to standard specifications, we constantly update the test specifications to address the ever-growing tribology needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the latest information on the test modules.

    • Lubricant Sustainability Research
    • EV lubricant optimization
    • Aerospace and automotive engine efficiency and fuel economy
    • Biomedical prosthetics, implants, and orthopedic devices
    • Turbine, solar panels, and other renewable energy systems
    • Nanotechnology of advanced materials and coatings
    • Additive manufacturing
    • Cosmetic product development

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