Block On Ring Tribometer

Test cutting tools, lubricant, greases, bearings, rings, shaft, seals, and much more using block on ring test module that mounts on our tribometer.

MFT-5000 tribometer block on ring module platform
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Block on Ring Test Module Information

Module Features:

  • Rigid design to support mN to 5000 N loads
  • Dry and lubricated tests
  • -50°C to 500°C temperature
  • Up to 50 Nm torque motors
  • In-line Torque measurement

Block on ring tester helps determine the coefficient of friction, wear, friction, rate of wear, volume wear, and EP. Including wear resistance of lubricants, greases, bearings, rings, and shafts. The test can run under a wide range of load, sliding speed, rotational speed and temperature.  The test setup typically involves a block loaded against a rotating shaft or ring.

Rtec Instruments’ block on ring tribology module allows several ASTM and customized tests on the same platform.  We support the rotating shaft on both ends to prevent bending under high loads. The versatility of the block on ring module allows real components including shafts, power transmission components, tapered roller bearings, thrust bearings, and their counterparts mount with little modifications.  Computer controlled applied load, speed of rotation, test temperature, and lubricant flow rate creates highly repeatable results.

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    Watch The Block on Ring Module in Action

    One  Module and so Many Ways.

    Customize The Block On Ring Module For Your Needs

    Timken OK Load Test Setup
    Self leveling block holder for block-on-ring tester
    Standard Block On Ring
    Liquid container for block on ring tribology test
    Block on Ring with Oil
    Slip ring test using block-on-ring tribometer
    Electrical Ring Slip Test
    Bearing test using block-on-ring tribometer
    Bearings Test
    cutting tool on block on ring drive to simulate cutting process
    Cutting Tools Test

    Test Data and Analysis

    Wear Tests

    The test analyses friction and wear characteristics of greases or oil in sliding applications on block on ring test machine. Pumps circulate and control lubricant and grease flow rates. These tests are configured by defining the temperature, loading rate, test load, rotation speeds.

    Extreme Pressure EP Tests

    This procedure covers the determination of the extreme pressure properties of lubricating oil or greases in sliding applications. The test involves increasing load step or linear mode until a seizure or sudden increase of cof change occurs. The Timken method tests grease and lubricants (ASTM D2509 and ASTM D2782).

    Custom Tests

    Rtec Instruments’ block on ring tribometer performs many customized tests, such as oscillating tests where the rings oscillate clockwise and counter clockwise to a pre-determined angle or number of rotations. These tests are frequently performed to evaluate the performance of solid lubricants, coatings or surface texture on bearings, and applications where there is frequent change in direction or limited motion between the two counterparts.

    Test Data from block-on-ring test

    Figure shows the comparison of different lubricants.
    Standard test block HRC30 against a Timken ring, under constant load (1500N) and velocity (1500 rpm) at 200°C were used.

    The Block on Ring Tribometer Solution

    Block on ring test machine is highly versatile and therefore used across many industries.

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Hard Coating
    • Lubricants
    • Metal
    • Polymer

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