Lubricants Tribology Summary

Lubricant, grease, oil friction, wear testing, and more on one platform.

Lubricant test summary on Rtec instruments universal tribometer
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Lubricating Tribology Overview

Main Features:
  • Several ASTM, DIN, ISO Standards
  • Up to 10000 N Load
  • -60 to 1200°C Chambers
  • Stribeck Curves
  • Rotary, Reciprocating, Block on Ring, Tapping Motions
The Multi Function Tribometer MFT-5000 runs several ASTM, DIN, ISO standards and customized tests to evaluate friction, wear, lubricity, and tribological properties of lubricant, oil, grease, additives, solid coatings, and more. Tests are available in controlled environmental conditions, including humidity, temperature, and loads from mN to 10,000N.
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