HFRR On MFT-5000 Platform

Next Generation lubricity tester with Real Time Force and Stroke Control, Piezo Sensors, Wide Temperature Range. 
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HFRR Testing on MFT-5000 Overview

Main Features:

  • Servo controlled Load
  • In-line Friction, Acoustic Emission
  • Piezo Load Sensors
  • Environmental control

This next generation High Frequency Reciprocating Rig HFRR test module has real-time programmable force control, piezo sensors to measure real time friction, in-line total wear scar depth, wide temperature range, and voice coil actuators. The tester is mostly used to evaluate diesel fuel lubricity. The ease of use, programmable down force control, advanced sensors makes this tester highly reliable and repeatable.

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ASTM, DIN, ISO Compliant Standard Testing

The High Frequency Reciprocating module HFRR is perfect for evaluating diesel fuel lubricity.

Fretting test module

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The MFT-5000’s HFRR module  is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

  • Oil, Lubricant, Additives Testing
  • Engine Related Tests
  • HFRR
  • Oils, Lubricants, Additive Testing
Universal tribometer MFT-5000 by Rtec Instruments
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