SRV Testing On The MFT-5000 Platform

Modular and versatile SRV testing with an integrated 3D profilometer. Extraordinary flexibility of temperature variation, speed, and stroke length.

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SRV Testing on MFT-5000 Overview

Main Features:

  • 5 micron to 4 mm Stroke, Up to 500 Hz oscillating frequency
  • High resolution piezo sensors
  • Electromagnetic Coils
  • -40 to 500°C (optional 800°C) temperature
  • 3000 N down force
  • Rigid designs provide plot fretting loops

Rtec’s Tribometer SRV test system measures the coefficient of friction and wear between a lubricant, oil, grease, and two specimens in a loaded contact in linear oscillatory motion from 5 micron strokes. The sliding reciprocating friction module has a wide load, speed, and temperature range. Using various combinations of test conditions, it can test friction and wear data using several ASTM, DIN, ISO standards on the same tester.

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    Learn more about the versatile MFT-5000 tribometer that provides friction, wear, and surface properties of various materials under a multitude of environments and testing conditions.

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    The MFT-5000 is set apart by its environmental control, reliability on long and short tests, and position and force sensors that provide control under any condition. High accuracy and thorough data every time.

    srv test using fretting drive

    The SRV Testing Solution

    Because the MFT-5000’s SRV module is so versatile, it is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

    • Oil, Lubricant, Additives Testing
    • Engine Related Tests
    • Oil, Lubricant, Additives Testing

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