Piston Ring Cylinder Liner Tribometer

Lab Scale Engine Simulator 50Hz Frequency at 40 mm Stroke. ASTM G181.
Piston ring cylinder liner tribology test setup
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Piston Ring Cylinder Liner Tester Info

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Unmatched Technology

The piston ring liner module provides unparalleled accuracy and resolution to replicate engine conditions.

Stroke and Speed

50Hz speed at 40mm stroke to simulate real engine speeds

Inline Sensors

Real time friction, acoustic emission, temperature, down force for precise insights during the test

Piezo Actuator

High Frequency piezo actuator real time friction measurements at high resolution

Environmental Control

Temperature control with oil circulation

Long stroke high frequency engine simulator drive for tribometer

Solution To

The Piston Ring Cylinder Liner is used extensively across a wide range of engine applications:

  • Hybrid Engines
  • Traditional Combustion Engines
  • Study Soot Development
  • Start Stop Test Simulations
  • Textured Surfaces
  • Piston and Liner Materials
  • Additive Optimization
  • Corrosion Studies

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