Tapping Torque Tester

Quick screening of taps, metalworking fluids, coatings, implants, or process using Rtec Tapping Torque Test System
Tapping torque test on Rtec instruments tribometer
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Rtec tapping torque test system used across many industries such as lubricant, coatings, and medical.
Torque Measurement

Patented in-line torque sensor with self alignment feature to allow to high resolution data during the test.

Several Inline Sensors

Besides measuring torque and down force, the tester also measures acoustic emission, temperature, and has an in-line camera.

Down force control

Real-time force control and monitoring during the test. 

Easy to use

The setup is versatile and automated. Recipe based methods test across several locations. Automatic in-line cleaning to clean chips and debris between tests. 

High Torque Motors

To study all processes across all materials, the tester comes with high torque servo motors.


Materials and Test Setup


Different formulations were evaluated for forming and cutting aluminum and steel samples using Rtec Instruments Tapping Torque tribology instrument. M6 aluminum and steel taps were used to tap the threads in the samples at 600 RPM. Each test was repeated at least five times on the automated platform.

The samples were selected to study the effect of additives and their compositions in the formulations for different applications.  The table summarizes the results from different sets of tests.

Sample 1- Low concentration of Additive A

Sample 2- High concentration of Additive A

Sample 3- High concentration of Additive B

Sample Process Torque (Nm) StDev (Nm)
Sample 1 Steel Forming 882.066 21.892
Sample 2 Steel Forming 966.112 40.233
Sample 3 Steel Forming 1497.496 95.797
Sample 2 Aluminum Cutting 245.994 11.767
Sample 3 Aluminum Cutting 270.133 2.677

The Figure below shows the results of a typical tapping torque test. The acoustic signal and tapping depth are superimposed and shown. 

tapping torque tester test data

Solution To

Due to its multiple configurations, the Tapping Torque Tester is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

  • Lubricant, Additives
  • Metal Working
  • Taps, Drill
  • Coating
  • Dental, Bio Materials
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