Fretting Test On MFT-5000 

Fretting test with voice coil actuator and piezo sensors. Study fretting wear from 10 µm stroke.
Fretting test module
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Fretting Wear Tester Overview

Main Features:

  • 10 micron to 2.8 mm Stroke
  • Up to 300 Hz frequency
  • High frequency friction Sensors
  • Flexure based design

What is fretting? Small oscillatory motion between contacting surfaces causes accumulation of wear debris in the contact zone and speed up the wear process. Several applications such as aerospace, automotive, and machinery often observe fretting wear.

Rtec Fretting Solution The state-of-the-art fretting tester module mounts on our MFT-5000 platform. It provides unequaled specifications for stroke and frequency in the industry. Controlled stroke from 10 microns at 300 Hz frequency makes it an ideal fretting wear tester for both industry and university research.

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Fretting Module on Multi Function Tribometer


Wide load, stroke, and speed control provide fretting wear studies for many applications.


Voice Coil

Electromagnetic actuator imparts linear reciprocating motion. Dependent on the test, additional coils are available for the tester to double the force range.

Unmatched Waveform Control

Without the friction of rolling or bearing, the magnetic flexure based design provides the control required for the most sensitive of tests. The unique controller adjusts to friction changes to maintain the stroke control in real-time

Friction Measurement

The tester comes with high frequency  piezo sensors to measure real time friction. Ultra low noise amplifiers allows detection of minute changes in friction in real-time with ease.

Data and Analysis

Optimize friction, wear, fretting fatigue tests at small amplitude and high frequency with our fretting module. The module is a powerful tool in the hands of researchers or QC engineers.

fretting loops generated during test on fretting tester
Fretting Loops
Fretting tester data showing real time friction
Real Time Friction Curves at 300 Hz
Fretting test wear mark
Fretting Failure Marks

Solution To

The 4 Ball Tester is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Semiconductor
  • Bio Materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Metal, Ceramics, Polymers
  • Optics and Glasses
  • Lubricants

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