Brake Material Screening Tester 

Rtec Instruments Brake Material Screening Tester evaluates wear and friction behavior of brake materials at lab scale efficiently and cost effectively.

Brake pads to be tested on brake screening tester
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Brake Testing Module Information

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    Simulating Brake Testing

    Rtec Brake material screening tester mounts on the MFT-5000 tribometer. With a rigid construction, the MFT-5000 tribometer has high torque motors up to 50 Nm. Firstly, this allows to test parameters as mentioned in SAE j2522. Secondly, the data generated compares with big dynamometer. In addition, the tester comes with several sensors that allow for more comprehensive data generation in a short time.  Hence, the brake material screening tester assesses the effectiveness of behavior and tribological properties of candidate materials before proceeding to component level testing.

    Test Setup and Results

    The MFT 5000 platform can work across a range of loads (up to 10,000 N) and speeds. SAE J2522 protocol such as Green µ characteristics, Speed/Pressure sensitivity, cold application, fade, and recovery are easily simulated. Here, we demonstrate the use of Rtec’s MFT 5000 brake material testing solution to simulate a subsection of SAE J2522. 


    Samples coupons 12.7 mm X 6.35 mm from real brake were cut and mounted on a self-leveling brake holder for uniform contact. The counter surface was a 320 Grit cast iron disc. To simulate a snub from SAE J2522, the test started at 300N (0.75 MPa contact pressure) 2089 rpm. After that, speeds were reduced to 787 rpm under load in 5.5s. In other words, these conditions represented a change in speed for motor vehicles from 80 to 30 Km/hr. The load represented 3000 kPa in fluid line. The tester controlled the speed and load while measuring torque, friction and temperature of the interacting surfaces.

    brake and rotor sample for Rtec brake screening tester

    Several advanced sensors, such as acoustic emission and surface temperature, were recorded with high precision. The Figure shows the data collected during one cycle. The debris produced is collected for further analysis.

    Friction and torque data from brake screening tribometer

    3D Profilometer  For Surface Analysis

    The Lambda Profilometer looks at brake or rotor surfaces at nm resolution. We optimized the 3D Profilometer for brake surfaces (dark, rough surfaces). The spinning disk confocal microscopy allows analysis of volume wear, surface roughness, and more of brakes or rotor surfaces.  In addition, the dark field imaging mode on the profilometer allows to quantify debris generation and scratches with ease.

    brake screening tester 3d surface change with time

    Solution To

    Several Industries use Rtec Instruments brake screening material tester as it corresponds to dynamo meter test results, but at much cost efficiency and effectiveness.

    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Lubricants
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