Electrical Connector Fretting Wear Tester

Rtec Instruments electrical connector fretting wear tester provides simultaneous real-time current voltage, wear, and friction monitoring and analysis for electrical connector longevity and performance.

electrical connector fretting wear test setup on FFT-M fretting tester
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Fretting Tester Overview

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    benchtop fretting tester, the FFT-M
    The FFT-M Fretting Tester

    Explore our Benchtop FFT-M and how it supplies precise fretting analysis in dry, lubricated, and humid environments.

    Watch Electrical Connector Fretting Wear Testing in Action

    Ultra High Resolution Fretting Wear Analysis

    Friction and Wear Analysis You Can Count On

    electrical connector fretting wear 3D data image
    electrical connector fretting failure analysis
    electrical connector fretting failure data analysis of sample comparison at different temperatures
    electrical connector fretting wear tester setup on the FFT-M

    Electrical Connector Fretting Test Setup





    CuZn37 connector under fretting (upper connector)


    Stationary pure Ag-coated connector (lower connector)

    Patented Integrated In-line 3D Profilometer

     Our 3D profilometer creates nm-level 3D surface change plots automatically during testing. This feature enables easy correlation of the lubricity and friction data with surface topography. The lambda head model combines four optical techniques on one head – interferometer, spinning disk confocal, dark field, and bright field imaging. It can easily measure the electrical connector’s surface –  transparent, rough, smooth, and steep slopes surface.  With an in-line profilometer, automatic stitching of volume wear and roughness calculations are now possible. Additionally, the 3D profilometer’s high-resolution imaging and analysis software makes it easy to analyze and optimize electrical connector surfaces and materials.

    Lambda universal profilometer rtec-instruments

    Unmatched Load Cell Technology

    Capacitive Sensors 0.001 COF accuracy

    The electrical connector fretting tester comes with a wide range of load cells, providing unparalleled stability and resolution. Force sensors are easily interchangeable to cover a wide range of test conditions.  Depending on the configuration, forces are measured in 1, 2, or 6 axes.

    Capacitive sensors for friction measurement on tribometer
    Capacitive Load Cells

    Highest resolution load cells with high rigid design

    Piezo Actuators

    Highest resolution precise motions 

    Traceable Forces

    Calibrated with traceable standards

    1D, 2D and 6D sensors

    Sensors to measure forces in all directions during the motion 

    The Electrical Connector Fretting Failure Testing Solution

    Due to the versatility of the FFT-M fretting tribometer, it is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

    • Data Centers
    • Renewable Energy
    • Phones and Tablets
    • Power Distribution Systems
    • Aviation
    • Automotive
    • Medical Devices
    • Telecommunications
    • Industrial Manufacturing
    • Research and Development
    • Transportation

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