Tribocorrosion Tester ASTM G119

Integration of electrochemical cell with tribology and scratch setups for tribocorrosion studies.

tribocorrosion setup on multi function tribometer from Rtec tribometer
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Tribocorrosion Module Information

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    MFT-2000A multi function tribometer
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    Rtec Tribocorrosion tribometer contains various features to improve testing capabilities.
    Electrochemical Cell + Tribometer Combination

    The floating ground integrated potentiostat comes with a wide current, voltage, and oscillating frequency range.

    Tribocorrosion Test Modes

    Study tribocorrosion in several test modes on the same platform. 

    • Tribology
    • Scratch Adhesion
    • Hardness
    • Fretting
    Test Samples

    The unique design allows either upper or lower samples (working electrode).

    Tribocorrosion Analysis


    To investigate synergy of wear and corrosion of steel, the tests were carried out under cathodic and no cathodic protection conditions. We conducted 3 different load conditions (10, 100, 200 N at 2 Hz sliding frequency) at 70°C. The electrochemical polarization tribocorrosion tests were performed with a standard Ag/AgCl reference electrode and a platinum counter electrode.

    OCP – Oper Circuit Potential (Ecorr)

    The plot below shows the open circuit corrosion potential, Ecorr obtained from the integrated potentiostat.

    tribo corrosion tafel plot on tribometer

    The figure below shows the wear rate difference between the cathodic and non cathodic polarization conditions. The difference of the wear rate shows the synergy of the chemistry used during the test.


    This corrosion tribology testing showed the importance of tribocorrosion studies. The wear loss rate attributed between mechanical vs mechanical + corrosion test was significantly different.

    tribo corrosion data from Rtec tribometer

    Tribocorrosion Solution To

    The Tribocorrosion test setup is used extensively across a wide range of industries:

    • Bio-materials
    • Coatings
    • Lubricants
    • Metals
    • Metal Working Industry

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