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 Tribometer Multi Function

Versatile with Integrated 3D Profilometer

Multi Function MFT-5000 Tribometer Overview

The state of the art Rtec Multi Function tribometer Mft-5000 is globally regarded as the most versatile and technologically advanced tribometer. Manufactured at silicon valley, California it is used by several top labs, universities and industries. The tribometer offers next generation patented force sensors with ultra low resolution, highest speeds and wide environmental control range than any other commercially existing tribometer. The patented integrated 3D profilometer allows to analyse surface change vs time. The universal tribometer MFT5000 allows to create a comprehensive report on friction, wear, tribology and surface analysis.

● Integrated 3D Profilometer
● Load Range Nano, Micro, Macro
● -120C to 1200C
● Modular with Interchangeable Modules
● Used by top companies, labs globally
Coatings, Lubricants, Materials Mechanical and Tribology Studies

Concept- Interchangeable modules on same platform

The tribometer has a modular architecture. Easy to change modules allows it to run practically any friction test, wear test. The platform comes with lower X,Y and and upper Multiple Z stages. On top of XY stage various modules mount. Flow chart about configuring 

Easy to interchange Pin on Disk Tribometer Rotary Module


Module is mounted on XY Stage. Tests including Pin on Disk tribometer, Ball on Disk tribometer etc. can be performed.

Linear Reciprocating Tribometer Moduole


Module is mounted on XY Stage. Tests including linear reciprocating tribometer wear, Pin on plate etc. can be performed.

Block On Ring  Tribometer Module

Block on Ring

Module is mounted on XY Stage. Block on Ring Tribometer allows to test bearings, rings, shafts, seals, lubricant, grease etc. 

Rtec Upper Drive Module

Upper Rotation

Upper sample is rotated.
4 Ball tester, Tapping torque tester, Drilling etc. tests can be performed.

Patented Integrated Inline 3D Profilometer

Rtec friction tester comes with inline integrated 3d profilometer to create surface imaging. This allows to study surface change vs time with nm resolution. Why friction force changes can be easily quantified. Various techniques such as interferometer, confocal , raman are available for the measurements. The tester allows for automatic stitching across a large surface area for volume wear, roughness calculations. 

Rigid tribometer design allows for a very low floor noise, that enables to perform 3D images automatically. The optical profilometery was specifically optimized to work on tribology wear marks as they typically have steep slopes, dark texture, liquid layers on top.  There are two optical heads available for integration.

● Sigma head - White light interferometery 
● Lambda Head - White light interferometery +  Confocal microscopy + Dark Field + Bright Field Imaging

3D Wear Mark Created Using Sliding Wear Test Using Rtec Tribometer and Integrated 3D Profilometer

Unmatched Load Cell Technology

The universal mechanical tester has a wide range of patented load cell technology. The choices of sensors depends on the application. Rtec has expertise in piezo, capacitive and strain gauge based sensors. The offered sensor resolution, drift is unparalleled today. The wide load range extends from nN to 12,000N using easy to interchange load cells. The sensors comes with various forms 1D, 2D, 6D, Torque etc.

Other Important Features

Environmental Chambers-  Results from friction and wear testers depends a lot on environment it was tested on. The high temperature tribometer module has a wide operating range -120C to 1200C, inert gas, humidity, vacuum , pressure, tribocorrosion etc Video Link 

Custom Motion -Standard configuration has X,Y,Z plus an add on interchangeable motion axis drive. This unique multi axis drive combination allows to create any custom motion to simulate testing conditions close to real life scenario. Video Link

Precision and repeatability - The tester comes floor standing or in bench top models. The rigid frame construction, low floor noise, advanced electronics allows the tester to deliver high precision and repeatability across wide range of applications.

Ease of use -The tribometer comes with FAST EXCHANGE adapters that allows to mount modules with ease. The easy to use software recognizes these modules automatically. The software comes with predefined test standard recipes or new custom recipes can be created with ease.

Application specific solution Rtec Tribometer versatility and modular construction allows it to provide several tribological and mechanical testing solution for various industries. Today its widely used to measure friction coefficient lubricant, grease, bio, automobile, aerospace, materials, ceramics, space industries etc. To get correct coefficient of friction, wear volume it is important that tests be done in conditions that is close to real application. Using custom motions, wide load range, customizable holders and drives the tribometer allows to generate meaningful data with ease.


Tribometer Multi Function

Various modules makes rtec instrument tribometer MFT-5000 to offer solution to many industries. Few application and industries are mentioned on link here. Please contact us for information on several more applications.

Grease, Oil, Lubricant Testing
Thin Film and Coatings
Hot Hardness
High Temperature Tribology
Cryogenic Friction Wear
Ultra Low Friction Measurement
Bio Materials
Brake Screening
Materials Mechanical and Tribology

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