Coating Friction, Wear, Adhesion, Hardness Testing

Across Wide Temperature Range, Motions, Applications

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Rtec Universal Tribometer MFT-5000

Many Industrial and consumer applications today use coatings for various reasons such as scratch protection, less wear, reduce friction, dirt repellent, reduce corrosion etc. Several mechanical tests needs to be done to characterize the coatings comprehensively.  This note summarizes few coating testing topics possible on Rtec MFT-5000.

● Adhesion , Friction , Wear, Hardness
● -120 to 1200C
● Nano, Micro, Macro load range
● Inline Integrated 3D Profilometer 

About Platform 
MFT-5000 allows to do several friction, wear and mechanical tests related to coatings on same platform using its unique modular design. The tester is commonly used to test DLC, CVD, Decorative protective , Optical, Polymeric, Anti-corrosion coatings. Please visit following links to learn more - Product page, Main Applications

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