Materials Tribology Testing

Inline Integrated Profilometer to look at surface with nm resolution

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Rtec Universal Tribometer MFT-5000

Materials shape the world around us. Many Industrial and consumer applications today use differend surface treatments, alloys, polymers, ceramics etc. to develop new and better products. Reasons such as hardness, less wear, reduce friction, dirt repellent, reduce corrosion etc. arises the need to test materials with higher precision and better conditions. This note summarises few materials testing topics possible on Rtec MFT-5000.

Main Test Summary 
● Friction , Wear, Hardness
● -120 to 1200C
● Nano, Micro, Macro load range
● Inline Integrated 3D Profilometer  

About Platform
MFT-5000 allows to do several friction, wear and mechanical tests related same platform using its unique modular design. Inline profilometer allows to study the material surface change vs time with ease. Please visit following links to learn more - Hot Hardness, Product page, Main Applications

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