Piston Ring Cylinder Liner Tribometer

Lab Scale Engine Simulator 50Hz Frequency at 40mm Stroke

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Rtec Piston Ring Cylider Liner tribometer

Piston Ring Cylinder Liner Tester Overview

Rtec MFT-5000  to perform piston and ring cylinder liner at long stroke and high frequency friction and wear test. This lab scale engine simulator allows for quick screening of materials, additives, coatings on the engine components at very low cost. Inline high frequency friction sensor, real time down force control, real time wear rate, oil re circulation, temperature control etc. makes piston ring liner tribology, friction and wear analysis very easy.

Module Features
● Oil Recirculation
● 40mm at 50Hz (long stroke, fast frequency)
● Install test coupons cut from real components
● Piezo Sensors
● Inline Friction, Down force, Wear

MFT-5000 Platform Introduction

Rtec Universal Tribometer MFT-5000

The state of the art Rtec Multi Function tribometer Mft-5000 is globally regarded as the most versatile and technologically advanced tribometer.  The patented integrated 3D profilometer allows to analyse surface change vs time makes it usable for many application across various industries. In addition it comes with patented force sensors (piezo, capacitive & strain gauge) with ultra low resolution, highest speeds, stable torque and widest load range than any other commercially available tribometer. 

MFT-5000 verstatily allows to mount several test/application specific modules on same platform. Please visit following links to learn more- Product pageMain Applications

The piston ring cyilinder liner tribology allows to study engine tribology and measure piston ring liner friction with real components. The high frequency piezo friction sensor allows to measure frictional losses across cylinder liners and quantify tribological performance of internal combustion engines with ease. The inline profilometer allows to study surface topography of the frictional components with ease.


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