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Nano Tribology -  Coefficient Of Friction Measurement from 0.001

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Low Friction Measurement on Nanotribology Module

Rtec Instruments offers a state of the art nano tribometer module to perform low coefficient of friction tribology, nano wear tribo pairs. At the heart of this nano tribology module is a Rtec’s patented Graphite series load cell. These patented force sensors have negligible thermal drift and cross talk. The industry leading resolution and accuracy allows the graphite series load cells to measure forces at unprecedented levels. The low friction module can work at ambient and controlled environment conditions. It is possible to mount and test a wide range (size and geometry) of samples allowing researchers to test several ultra low friction applications such as 2d materials tribology, graphene friction, super lubricity etc. 

● Micro Newton Resolutions
● Proven technology to measure 0.001 COF
● Patented Graphite Load sensor series
● Vacuum, Inert Atmosphere
● Optional Inline Raman, Profilometer 

MFT-5000 Platform Introduction

Rtec Universal Tribometer MFT-5000

The state of the art Rtec Multi Function tribometer Mft-5000 is globally regarded as the most versatile and technologically advanced tribometer.  The patented integrated 3D profilometer allows to analyse surface change vs time makes it usable for many application across various industries. In addition it comes with patented force sensors (piezo, capacitive & strain gauge) with ultra low resolution, highest speeds, stable torque and widest load range than any other commercially available tribometer. 

MFT-5000 verstatily allows to mount several test/application specific modules on same platform. Please visit following links to learn more -  Product pageMain Applications

Module Information

Nano Tribometer Chamber with Inline Raman and Profilometer

Chamber with Inline Raman and Profilometer

Nanotribology 2D Material Sample Friction Wear Testing for Super Lubricity with Rtec Tribometer

2D Material Quoted Sample Getting Tested

3D Raman Data Across Wear Mark Getting Stitched on Rtec Tribometer

3D Data Across Wear Mark Getting Stitched


Characterizing of ultra low friction (as low as COF 0.001) in applications such as polymers, 2D materials, graphene, coatings, super lubricity, solid lubricants etc. is very critical.
Problem Statement
Currently most of low friction measurement work is being done using an AFM. Testing using AFM presents challenges such as

(i) Calibration of AFM tips to measure friction
(ii) Non-repeatable bending of AFM tips
(iii) Only a small downforce can be applied
(iv) Only a small area on the sample can be tested
(v) Limited control on test environment 

This low friction tribometer module overcomes the above issues and can measure real friction and wear with ultra precision sensors across a wide linear and rotation speed. As the wear rate under these scenarios is negligible, the tester in addition comes with inline 3D profilometer and Raman spectrometer to characterize the wear mark without removing the sample out of the nanotribometer. This unique combination enables to study the volume wear, and chemical property changes of the wear track as it evolves with time.

The friction properties at atomic scale, ultralow friction, wear volume can be studied easily with this module. 

The setup offers several advantages over a typical test performed using an AFM and other models. These include

(i) Industry leading high resolution, sturdy sensor for accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements without need to calibrate every few tests.
(ii) Apply much larger downforce compared to AFM.
(iii) Test macro scale samples for comprehensive analysis of coatings.
(iv) Ambient and controlled test environment (High temperature, Vacuum, inert gas etc.)
(v) Inline 3D Profilometer and Raman Spectrometer for automatic analysis of wear track.
The data below shows very low coefficient of friction using a novel chemistry on sapphire disk. 


MFT-5000 low friction modules are an excellent option to run friction and wear testing in various modes to measure such as pin on disc, linear reciprocating and rotating for ultra low cof measurements.

All the above makes this tester a very powerful tool in the hand of the researcher or QC engineer. Please contact us at or call us at +1 (408)708-9226 for more information.


Low friction, super lubricity, graphene characterization,  low friction, super lubricity, graphene characterization

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