Rtec Instruments specializes in tribology high tech instrument design and manufacturing. We offer products for both nanotechnology and traditional industries. Few of our products includes tribometers, high temperature indenters, 3d profilometers, optical profilometer, atomic force microscope, mechanical property tester, film thickness measurement, stress tester etc. We also provide paid testing and legal services. Please contact us to learn more about us and our services.

Multi Functional Tribometer

Rtec-instruments offer twenty first century new generation multi functional profilometers. Sturdy design, high end electronics, equipped with various in-situ characterization techniques, easy to use software makes these profilers a reliable, precise and user friendly tool.

  • Nano and Micro Tribometer
  • Universal Tribometer (Nano + Micro + Macro range)
Indentation & Scratch Tester

Next generation Nano Mechanical tester that can do Nano indentation, Nano Scratch and Imaging on same tester. The modular design allows it to work in nano and micro range.


Various 3D profilometer models that can accommodate multiple techniques on same platform. Combination of techniques allows user to save cost and get advantages of both techniques. Few combinations are listed below

  • White light interferometer + AFM
  • White light interferometer only
  • White light interferometer + Raman Spectrometer + AFM
Stress Tester

A stress tester that can quickly create 2D and 3D map of residual stress of thin and thick films. The tester comes with multiple wavelengths, environmental chamber, advanced algorithm etc. The tester can be integrated with an AFM, optical profilometer etc.

High Temperature Indentation

High Temperature Indentation A unique high temperature indenter that can calculate hardness at various temperature under vacuum or inert gas atmosphere

  • Upto 1600C
  • High Vacuum
  • Insitu imaging
  • Vicker's, Rockwell