UP-5000 3D Optical Profilometer

Large Sample imaging
made Easy

Modular Large Area Optical Microscope UP-5000
6-in-1 Optical Profilometry Imaging Analysis.

Interferometer + Confocal + Spectral Film Thickness + Dark Field + Variable Focus + AFM + Raman

Rtec Instruments 3D Optical Profiler UP-5000 in Action

Versatile and Precise Metrology

The optical profilometer UP-5000’s technology, performance, resolution, and versatility creates a class of its own. Equipped with fast scanning, multiple imaging techniques and high resolution, the UP-5000 offers the best solution for large sample surface imaging.

High Speed Camera

 Industry leading camera with 200 FPS. Quick sub nm precision Measurements.


Highest Z Resolution

Advanced latest generation encoders provide the best  Z resolution independent of scanning distance or magnification used. 

Modular Versatile Platform

The 300 x 300 mm high precision cross roller XY stage to fit  any sample –wafers, devices, pellicles, components, coupons, etc.

Powerful Analysis Software

Precise, quantitative, and ISO-compliant analysis software for nanometer resolution studies.

Unlike Any Other Optical Microscope

The UP-5000’s has a 6-in-1 combination of many optical techniques on one platform. As a result, our optical microscope provides measurement of almost any kind of sample with nm resolution.

confocal 3D imaging data from Rtec Instruments six mode optical profilometer UP-5000

Confocal  – Spinning Disk

Fastest area scan – OR scan surface in an instant

Highest XY resolution 3D optical profiler on the market. Rtec Instruments spinning disk confocal scanning techniques is far superior to point or laser confocal that require oscillatory motion to generate images. The use of thousands of rotating pin holes eliminate the out of focus light from being recorded on the image. This technique eliminates background information and improves image resolution. The high precision can also be obtained on transparent, steep slopes, dark or featured samples.

White Light Interferometry

Highest Z resolution in optical profilometry

With the highest Z resolution in optical profilometry, the white light interferometer provides both phase shift for smooth samples, and interferometry for rough samples. The high speed camera provides sub nm resolution with rapid acquisition. Surface roughness and finish are characterized in a second.
Bright Dark Field Imaging Modes on Rtec-Instruments Profilometer

Dark and Bright Field Modes

Identify cracks and defects with a single click image. High contrast and resolution on every image.

Ultra Fast Film Thickness


The film thickness measurement module uses spectral reflectance to obtain the thickness of a coated surfaces. No experience is necessary for our one-click easy sample measurement operation. Our extensive materials library (500+) and multi-sample measurement provides analysis of thickness. Non-contact high accuracy step-heights and thickness each time.

Film Thickness data from Rtec instruments optical microscope UP-5000
wafer 3D profile by Rtec Instruments optical profilometer-up-5000

Atomic Force Microscope

When resolution needs exceed light wave lengths, the AFM provides nano scale resolution to identify the smallest features. The AFM comes with several common test modules to enable easy measurement of roughness, defects, features size, phase and gain boundaries. With a simple click, the same sample surface area can be imaged by AFM and the optical profilometer.

Variable Focus Imaging

Through a series of slices taken at different focal planes, an entirely in-focus final image is  generated every time. Fast and easy magnified images.

3D imaging of roughness by optical microscope UP-5000
Rtec Instruments 3D imaging software analysis from profilometer UP-5000

Imaging in 3 easy steps:

  1. Load imaging recipe
  2. Click start
  3. Admire the image!

OR program each motion of the Optical Microscope for a complete custom image fitting you needs.

six mode 3D optical microscope UP-5000

We Deliver
High Quality

ISO Compliant Analysis

All optical microscopes come with standard test protocals to ensure normalized testing.

A Optical Profilometer Solution

Because the UP-5000 is modular, customizable, and easy to use, a wide range of industries extensively use our Universal Optical Microscope:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bio Materials
  • Coatings
  • Metals
  • Optics and Glasses
  • Polymer
  • Semicon
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Displays

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