UP-3000 3D Optical Profilometer


UP-3000 Advanced Compact Optical Profilometry

5 Imaging Modes in One 3D Profiler

Confocal + Interferometer + Dark Field
+ Variable Focus + Bright Field Imaging

Rtec Instruments 3D Optical Profiler UP-3000 in Action

A Premium Microscope

The 3D optical profilometer UP-3000’s technology, performance, high accuracy, resolution, and versatility creates a class of its own. Equipped with fast scanning and high resolution, it offers the best solution for surface profiling.

Ultra High Speed

Industry leading camera with 200 Fps with nm resolution.


Best Resolution With Ease

Highest XYZ resolution across any sample at the click of a button.

Versatile Platform

Open platform , automatic XY stage, tip tilt stage, precision engineering

Next Gen Optical Profilometer Technology

Fastest Confocal - Full Area in 1 Scan

The disk and its 1000 pin holes illuminate the entire sample area in one quick scan. No need to move mirrors or XY stages using only 1 pin hole, as in conventional confocal.

Two High Speed Cameras

Each imaging technique use a dedicated high-speed camera to allow the optimization of the optical path and higher resolution. Conventional optical profilometers use only 1 optical path and 1 camera compromising the image quality.

4 Color LED

Uniform area illumination and wavelength selection based on the sample. Conventional laser sources produce artifacts and have a short product life.

Dark Field Imaging

Microscope optics provides both bright field and dark field modes. Conventional uses bright field imaging only.


Dual Camera Quad band LED optical profilometer up-3000 by Rtec Instruments

Capture The 3D Profile From Any Material

The 5-in-1 combination optical profilometry allows measurement of any kind of sample (smooth, rough, transparent, opaque, flat, non flat) with sub nm resolution.

confocal 3D data from six mode profilometer
LC3 Full Delamination 3D scratch test image

Confocal – Spinning Disk

Fastest Area Scan – OR Scan the surface area in an Instant

Highest XY resolution 3D optical profiler on the market.  Our Spinning Disk Confocal scanning technique is fastest and superior to point or laser confocal that requires XY stage or oscillator motion to generate 3D images. Our confocal microscope utilizes several thousand rotating pin holes that physically prevents out of focus light from entering the optical path. This eliminates background information, and hence improves image resolution. Generate highest precision data for transparent layers, steep slopes, dark samples and samples with features.

White Light Interferometry

PCB 3D image profile by Rtec Instruments optical microscope up-3000
Bright-Dark-Field-Imaging-Modes-on Rtec-Instruments-Profilometer-up-3000

Dark Field Imaging Modes

Our Dark Field Imaging finds cracks and defects with one-click. High contrast and high resolution data for quick detection of defects, particles, cracks, and more. Fast scanning of entire sample at highest resolution.

Variable Focus, Bright Field Imaging

Through a series of 3D surface slices taken of the sample at different focal planes, an entirely in-focus 3D image is created with focus variation.  Used for large  Z scanning ranges.

3D image of surface roughness by Rtec-Instruments UP-3000 profiler
coating failure data with automatic stitching using Rtec-Instruments UP-3000 profiler

Automatic Stitching

Cross Roller Stages

Highest accuracy cross roller stages provide precise stitching across the entire sample surface. The completed 3D image is obtained and presented automatically.

3D imaging computer software analysis

Precise, easy to use, automatic, and ISO-compliant. Simply load a test recipe and click start. The software provides unequaled stability, precision, and insight.

The 3D Optical Profiler Solution

A wide range of industries extensively use the Universal Profilometer:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bio Materials
  • Coatings
  • Metals
  • Optics and Glasses
  • Polymer
  • Semicon
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Displays

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