UP-2000 White Light Interferometer


Fully automatic optical microscope.
High Speed Cameras with nm resolution.

Rtec Instruments 3D Optical Profiler UP-2000 in Action

Premium Microscope

A flexible vertical range, high accuracy across roller stages, and a rigid design make the UP-2000 WLI microscopes an ideal choice for measuring roughness, step height, film thickness, and topography analysis of any sample.

High Speed Camera

Industry leading camera with 200 FPS.  Quick sub nm precision measurements.


Highest Z Resolution

Latest generation encoders provide the best  Z resolution independent of scanning distance or magnification used. 

Automatic Stitching

One click automatic stitching to cover the entire sample with ease.

Powerful Software

Precise, quantitative, and ISO-compliant analysis software for nanometer resolution studies.

The Best Resolution in Optical Profilometry

Generate 2D and 3D models of surface heights with our leading white light interferometer technology.

Rtec interferometry 3D data from white Light interferometer

White Light Interferometry

and  Phase-Shift Interference

Equipped with quad band LED (red, blue, green, and white) run both WLI and PSI mode with ease. No experience is necessary for our one-click easy sample measurement operation.

Variable Focus Imaging

Through a series of slices taken at different focal planes, an entirely in-focus final image is  generated. The UP-2000 White Light Interferometer will give you clear magnified images every time.

3D view of the roughness
coating failure image using Rtec Optical Profiler

Automatic Stitching

Cross Roller Stages

High accuracy cross roller stages provide precise stitching across the entire sample surface. The completed 3D image is obtained and presented automatically.

Rtec Instruments 3D imaging profile software analysis

Simply load a test recipe and click start. The software provides unequaled stability, precision, and insight.

The White Light Interferometer Solution

A wide range of industries extensively use the White Light Interferometer:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bio Materials
  • Coatings
  • Metals
  • Optics and Glasses
  • Polymer
  • Semicon
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Displays

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