Universal Profilometer

Multiple techniques
Nanometer resolution.
Fully automatic measurement and analysis
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3D Optical Microscope Overview

Key Features

  • Combines 4 techniques in one head
  • Automatic reports
  • Measure any kind of surface

The UP-24 combines 4 imaging modes in one head. One click switches between the different imaging modes automatically.

White Light Interferometer + Spinning disk confocal + Dark Field Microscope + Bright field 3D Microscope

Precise, quantitative, and ISO-compliant with nanometer resolution. Additionally, the 3D Optical Profiler provides non-contact surface measurements from nano to micron. Capture up to 5 million data points in few seconds. The combination technology provides analysis of any surface with ease.

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Four Modes In One Profilometer

In-depth analysis with confocal or white light interferometry adapts the image to the needs of each sample.

Dark Field Mode

Allows detection of cracks at the surface with high contrast

White Light Interferometer Mode

High resolution images of flat surfaces

Lambda universal profilometer rtec-instruments
Confocal Microscopy Mode

Measures dark, rough, and transparent surfaces

Bright Field Mode

2D profiles with high resolution and real colors


Capture The Profile From Any Material

Many options to choose from. Customize test depending on your application.

  • Standard motorized stage 150x150mm (Optional 210 x 310mm)
  • Standard turret, motorized turret optional
  • Vertical range up to 100mm
  • Tip tilt stage 6 degree
  • Auto Stitching
  • Sigma head – White Light Interferometer Only
  • Lambda head – White Light Interferometer + Confocal + Dark Field + Bright Field
  • Roughness
  • Volume Wear
  • Step Height
  • Film Thickness
  • Topography

3D Images For Every Situation

Combination of multiple optical techniques on same platform allows measurement of almost any kind of sample with nm resolution. Combined with powerful analysis software that is compliant with several standards.

Diamond surface  data using rtec 3d optical microscope
sand paper image on rtec universal profiler
Abrasive Pad
Polymer coating data using rtec 3d optical microscope
Polymer Coating
Abrasive surface profilometer image using Rtec profilometer
Rough Coated Surface
wafer topography using optical 3d microscope
Semiconductor Wafer
Ink surface  data using rtec 3d optical microscope
wafer scan using optical 3d microscope
Standard Sample
Ball scar image using rtec 3D microscope
Ball Scar
via 3d data using optical 3d microscope
Via On A Chip
wafer using optical 3d microscope
pillars scan using optical 3d microscope
Deep Via on Mems
Penny stitched data using rtec 3d optical microscope
Stitched Coin
wear scar image using optical 3d microscope
Wear Mark
Confocal image of filter paper
Bio Membrane
Micro fluidic data using Rtec 3D optical microscope
Micro Fluidic Channel
semiconductor wafer data using 3D optical microscope
Semicon Wafer
Wear mark with inline profilometer on rtec instruments tribometer
Failure Mark on Aluminum
Scratch failure test image
Scratch Mark
scratch adhesion test data showing coating failure
Coating Failure Mark
DLC coated ball data using Rtec 3D optical microscope
DLC Coated Ball

Solution To

 A wide range of industries extensively use the Universal Profilometer:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Bio Materials
  • Coatings
  • Metals
  • Optics and Glasses
  • Polymer
  • Semicon
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Displays

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