Rtec Instruments provides solutions for evaluating friction, wear, adhesion, hardness, roughness, and mar resistance across several coatings, materials and components used in automotive industry.

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Automotive Solutions We Offer

We deliver mechanical and surface testing automotive industry solutions for all quality control and and research applications

Brake Testing

Rtec Instruments‘ brake screening tester provides tribological analysis of quick rotor and brake materials by measuring friction and wear. The brake tester comes with ultra high torque motors. Combined with a patented in-line profilometer, wear quantification of both brake and rotor surface change vs number of cycles, speed, and loads is possible. Perform both automotive standard tests (SAE J2522) and custom test procedures cost effectively on brake pads, frictional materials, and more.
brake and rotor sample for Rtec brake screening tester
Scratch adhesion test on car varnish by Scratch Tester

Marr Resistance, Scratch Adhesion of Paint, Coatings

The automotive industry has extensively used composite coatings for automotive body panels. Faced with environmental challenges, top level coatings require high clarity and gloss to achieve the desired visual effect over long periods of time. Study marr resistance, scratch adhesion, scratch hardness, durability, wear resistance at nano, micro, and macro scale. 

Thermal Spray Coatings

Various thermal spray coatings for a wide range of engine transmission, steering, suspension, and several other components on automobile parts are used to reduce wear and corrosion.  Rtec Instruments offers solutions to measure thermal spray coating adhesion, friction, hardness, wear, durability, roughness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, surface roughness and many more across a wide range of test conditions.

Thermal Spray
Liquid container for block on ring tribology test

Oil, Lubricant, Additives Testing

Test oil, lubricants, additives, grease, and more using several ASTM, DIN, ISO standards.  Test several standard and customized tests across a wide range of load, speeds, test temperatures. These can be rotary, block on ring, 4 ball, SRV, HFRR, linear reciprocating, EP wear modes, and more.

Fretting and Wear Resistance

Our tribometers and fretting testers provide unequaled specifications for stroke and frequency in the industry. Controlled stroke from 5 microns at 500 Hz frequency across a wide temperature range makes it an ideal fretting wear tester for both automotive industrial quality control and university research.

Fretting test wear mark
Piston ring cylinder liner tribology test setup

Engine Related Tests

Automotive 3D Imaging

Combine 4 imaging modes in one head. It requires only one mouse click to alternate between the different imaging modes. Image any surface with ease – transparent, flat, dark, flat, curved, and more.

Wear mark with inline profilometer on rtec instruments tribometer
srv test using fretting drive

Tribology, Friction and Wear

Perform tribology, friction, wear, fretting, and much more under a wide testing load range from mN to 12,000N. Tribology tests available during a variety of controlled environmental conditions. Test automotive coatings, materials, components, bearings, wipers, wheels, brake, engine coatings, and self-healing coatings with ease.

See It In Action

Watch as we demonstrate how our instruments can fulfill all of your automotive industry applications.

 Universal-Tribometer MFT-5000 von Rtec Instruments
Need Versatility?

Take a closer look at the Multi Function Tribometer.

Fretting tester from Rtec instruments model FFT-1
Need Fretting?

Check out our FFT Fretting Testers Series

Rtec Instruments Surface Material Tester, SMT-5000
Need Indentation and Scratch Testing?

Learn more about our Indentation and Scratch Tester, the SMT-5000.

Fretting tester bench top from Rtec Instruments model FFT-M
Need HFRR Testing?

Check out our Benchtop HFRR Tester, the FFT-M

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