Are you interesting in learning the latest in tribology, scratch testing, and surface inspection innovation? Join our webinars to learn from our experts on surface characterization and tribology solutions.


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Past Webinars

Comprehensive Coating Mechanical Property Characterization

Let us introduce you to various technological breakthroughs such as, patented capacitive force measurement technology, patented lambda technology 3D profilometer with dark field, confocal, interferometer. This unique combination makes the Rtec Instruments platform the most powerful instrument in coating characterization.

Lubricant Grease Tribology

Are you tired of moving dead weights in your lab to test lubricants?
Join us for an insightful webinar on automated methods for lubricant testing. Our team prepared some examples of standard and custom tests to characterize the tribology of lubricants.

Scratch Testing 101

Join us in exploring the next evolution of scratch testing. Rtec-Instruments is hosting a webinar on 3D scratch testing and combining scratch testing with 3D profilometry for product development

Multi Function Tribometer (MFT-5000)

Join us in our introduction of our innovative platform for universal tribological applications, including the full range of tribological configurations with their applications.

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