Fretting Tester

Designed for Lubricant and Material Study

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Fretting Tester Rtec

Fretting Tester FFT Overview

The state of the art fretting wear tester has industry leading specifications on stroke and frequency. Controlled stroke from 5 micron at 500 hZ frequency across a wide temperature range makes it an ideal fretting wear testing for both industry and university research.

Main Features
● 5 micron to 4mm Stroke , Upto 500Hz
● Piezo Sensors
● Electromagnetic Coils
● Environmental Control Chambers
● Dual, Single, Mini Coil Models (friction force range)

Fretting Tester Schematic
Fretting wear is a test where surface damage occurs between two contacting surfaces experiencing oscillatory displacement of small amplitude. At the contact point, lubricant/coating is squeezed out or the low amplitude motion does not permit the contact area to be re lubricated/ debris dislodge resulting in serious local wear occurs. This type of wear causes two-body abrasion, adhesion and/or fretting fatigue wear.

Fretting Tester Models

Difference in Voice Coil Power For Friction Force

All Rtec Fretting test machines are constructed on flexure based designs. The motion is imparted using electromagnetic actuators with real time stroke and wave form correction controllers. The difference in model lies in the power the coil can impart during the test

●FFT-2  5000N Down Force (Floor Standing, Dual High Power Coil)

FFT-1  3000N Down Force (Floor Standing, Single High Power Coil)

FFT-M2 1000N Down Force (Bench Top, Dual Medium Power Coil)

FFT-M1 300N Down Force (Bench Top, Single Medium Power Coil)


Force sensors- The tester uses high resolution, fast frequency response piezo sensors to measure real time inline friction forces.

Reliability on long runs - The unique flexure suspension guides the magnet assembly without contact or lubrication. The magnet, coil and stators are designed to eliminate performance degradation over time and deliver near maintenance free operation for wear test. 

Position Sensor and Control - The most accurate and precise displacement sensor control on the market • Up to 1nm resolution and micron level of accuracy • Extremely low noise

Platform Rigidity - Vibration dampening frame, symmetrical design, rigid samples holders etc. allows for high system stiffness. High rigidity allows to create fretting loops with ease.

Environmental Chambers - Wide temperature from -40 to 1000C range allows the fretting tester to simulate several real life scenarios easily.  

Inline Sensors - Sensors such as Acoustic emission to detect onset of cracks, ECR to measure surface resistance change allows to gain more insight on the test interface.

Data And Analysis

Fretting Loop

Fretting Loops

Rigid design with accurate real time friction force allows to create fretting loops at different temperature, load etc.

Rtec Fretting Tester Data

Real time Friction curves at 300Hz, 3000N

The graph showing real time friction data at 300Hz, 2300N test on dry material fretting test.

Failure 3D Surface Data Using Rtec Profiler

Fretting Failure Marks

Rtec 3D profilometer allows to create 3D images of surfaces with ease.


FFT series fretting wear test rig are optimized for friction, wear, fretting fatigue tests at small amplitude and high frequency. The module is very powerful tool in the hand of the researcher or QC engineer. Please contact us at or call us at +1 (408)708-9226 for more information.


Fretting wear test machine, Fretting test rig

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