Adhesion Tester

Adhesion Tester SURF-2 With In-line Integrated Camera to Study Contact Area vs. Force, Pull up Adhesion, Work of Adhesion, Shear Adhesion

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Adhesion Tester Overview

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    Surface adhesion from contact area vs force test module


    Capacitive Force Sensors
    Highest resolution force sensor to detect small change in forces.
    Integrated Camera
    High resolution Bright and Dark Field combination automatic area recognition camera.
    • Self Cleaning Surfaces
    • Contact mechanics
    • Biomimetics
    • Oil Interaction with Surfaces
    • Hydrogels
    • Anti-Adhesion Surfaces
    • Skin Adhesion
    • Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
    • Bio Adhesion
    Key Specifications
    • Down Force- 0.1mN to 5N
    • Shear Force- 0.1mN to 5N
    • Pull up Force- 0.1mN to 5N
    • Low Floor Noise (RMS)- 0.1µN
    • Displacement Resolution- 1µm
    • Speed- 0.01mm/s to 5 mm/s
    • Integrated Inverted Camera with Bright Field and Dark Field

    Data and Analysis

    Surface adhesion test live contact area image
    Real Time Image Analysis
    Surface adhesion tester force data
    Real Time Force Measurement

    Solution To

    The Adhesion Tester, Surf-2 is used extensively across a wide range of industries:
    • Coating Adhesion
    Hard Coating
    • Coating Adhesion
    • Adhesion Testing
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