Scratch Module on 3D Scratch Tester or MFT-5000 Platforms

Inline Integrated Profilometer to look at surface with nm resolution

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Scratch Test Module Overview

Scratch Test module with integrated 3D Profilometer for determination of coating adhesion, scratch resistance, and mar resistance in Research, Development and Industrial Quality Control. The precise down force control, automatic 3D image coorelation allows to comphensively characterise the coating properties with ease. In addition to mounting standard scratch rockwell diamond tip  it can also accomodate various other diameter tips (5 micron, 12.5 micron etc.). The module can mount on two platforms as mentioned below.

Module Features
● Scratch Adhesion, Hardness
● Capacitance Sensor
● Nano, Micro, Macro Range
● Inline 3D optical profilometer

Scratch Module Works On Two Rtec Models

Multi Function vs Single Function Platform

Rtec Tribometer and Scratch Tester

Multi Function Tribometer MFT-5000
In addition to scratch test, the tester allows to do several other friction and wear tests using interchangeable modules. Click here to learn more

Single Function  3D Scratch Tester
Platform Dedicated to Scratch Test to calculate hardness, adhesion etc. Click here to learn more

Scratch Load Range
● NSt-1 Coating Thickness < 1000nm, Max Down Force 1000mN
● MSt-50 Coating Thickness < 5 microns, Max Down Force 50N
● HSt-200 Coating Thickness > 5 microns, Max Down Force 200N
● HSt-5K Coating Thickness >200 microns, Max Down Force 5000N

Automatic 3D Stitched Image, Cross Section Profile

The sample automatically moves under optical profilometer and creates a 3D stitched image. The optical profilometer is specifically optimized for scratch test. The head allows to measure steep scratch slopes, transparent coatings (glass etc) and measure roughness, volume wear, method of failure etc. with sub nm resolution.


Automatic 3D Image and Data Coorelation

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Sensors, Chambers

Sensors - Platform offers wide variety and range of sensors including  Acoustic Emission, Electrical Contact Resistance, Capacitance displacement sensors, Potentiostat and more  

Chambers -Temperature , Humidity and more


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