Lubricant, Grease, Oil Friction And Wear Testing

Stribeck, 4 Ball, SRV, HFRR, Pin on disk, Timken, OK, Piston Ring liner and More On Same Platform.


Lubricating Tribology Overview

The Multi Function Tribometer MFT-5000 is geared to run several ASTM, DIN, ISO standards and customized test to evaluate friction, wear, lubricity and tribological properties of lubricant, oil, grease, additives, solid coatings and more. The tests can be done in controlled environmental conditions including humidity, temperature and loads from mN to 12,000N.  This note summarizes few materials testing topics possible on Rtec MFT-5000.

Main Features
● Several ASTM, DIN, ISO Standards
● Upto 12000N Load
● -60 to 1200C Chambers
● Stribeck Curves
● Rotary, Reciprocating, Block on ring, Tapping motions

Multiple Lubricant, oil, grease friction and wear testing setups on rtec tribometer

Few Friction Wear Tests On Same Tribometer

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Block on Ring, Timken, OK, EP
4Ball Wear and EP
Rotary pin, ball, ring on disk
Tapping Torque, TCT, Drilling
Piston Ring Liner
● Thrust Washer
Low Temperature Testing
High Temperature Testing
Linear Reciprocating
● Variable Rolling to Sliding
● Stribeck Curves
Other MFT Applications

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