Rtec Instruments provides several ASTM, DIN, ISO standard and customized tests to evaluate wear resistance, friction, steel, aluminum, inconel, and more.

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High temperature tribology chamber

High Temperature

Perform up to 1200 °C high temperature tests on steel, aluminum, and alloys. Characterize hot hardness, friction, fretting, and wear under controlled atmospheric conditions. Simulate testing conditions close to real-life applications, such as aerospace, hot rolling, automobile, turbines, and power plants.


Fretting studies in the metal industry are of critical importance. Rtec Instruments provides unequaled fretting evaluation thanks to our stroke and frequency control. With a controlled stroke from 5 microns, frequency up to 500 Hz frequency, and a wide temperature range. Rtec Instruments‘ fretting wear tester are pertinent in aerospace, automotive, power plant, and turbine applications.

Fretting test wear mark
scratch data images


Several applications require coated metal surfaces. Based on the coating process or the metal surface, the end results can be very different. Rtec Instrument provides solutions to characterize coating adhesion, scratch hardness, scratch resistance, wear, durability, fretting, roughness, corrosion resistance, and abrasion resistance. We provide tests at nano, micro and macro scales across a variety of temperatures and conditions.

Friction, Wear Studies

Perform tribology, friction, and wear tests under load ranges from mN to 12,000 N.  Controlled environmental condition from -120°C to 1200°C, vacuum, and high pressure are also available. Rotary, linear reciprocating, fretting, and block on ring modes of choice depend on the application. 

Fretting Test Module
Wear mark with inline profilometer on rtec instruments tribometer

3D Imaging

Combine 4 imaging modes in one head. It requires only one mouse click to alternate between the different imaging modes. Image any surface with ease – transparent, flat, dark, flat, curved, and more.

See It In Action

Watch as we demonstrate how our instruments can fulfill all of your applications.

Universal tribometer MFT-5000 by Rtec Instruments
Need Versatility?

Take a closer look at the Multi Function Tribometer.

Fretting tester from Rtec instruments model FFT-1
Need Fretting?

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Rtec Instruments Surface Material Tester, SMT-5000
Need Indentation and Scratch Testing?

Learn more about our Indentation and Scratch Tester, the SMT-5000.

Universal-Profilometer von Rtec Instruments
Need 3D Microscopy?

Check out the our 3D Optical Profilometers, the UP Series

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