Rtec Instruments provides several ASTM, DIN, ISO standard and customized tests to evaluate tablets, coatings, packaging, components and more.

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scratch data images

Scratch Adhesion, Hardness

There is a great interest in knowing adhesion and scratch resistance of many types of functional surface coatings applied tables. 

Study scratch adhesion, scratch hardness, scratch resistance at nano, micro and macro scale. In-line integrated 3D profilometer creates 3D stitched images to comprehensively and conclusively characterize the coating failures.

3D Imaging

The unique universal profilometer combines 4 imaging modes (confocal, interferometer, dark field and bright field) in one head. This is very beneficial for the semicon industry as advantages from all techniques are available to use seamlessly. Few industry standard applications include particle on pellicle, highest XY dimension resolution on devices, and imaging transparent screen surfaces.

Polymer surface data using Rtec 3d optical microscope
Fretting Test Module


A host of factors contribute to a successful tablet compression product run.  Issues including insufficient tablet hardness, inconsistent tablets, and tool damage can cause poor yield or batch rejections. Fretting is most commonly observed on dies which indicates worn die pockets. Tablets packaging often shows fretting failures.

Rtec Instruments provides unequaled specifications for stroke and frequency control for fretting evaluation. Controlled stroke from 5 microns and frequency up to 500 Hz frequency make it an ideal fretting wear tester for both industry and university research.

Friction, Wear

The coefficient of friction of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules influences how they will behave during the conveying, coating, and packaging operations used in drug product manufacturing. 

Rtec Instruments provides measurement solutions for both static and dynamic coefficient of friction. We provide a wide test range that simulate real-life process. In addition, the add-on integrated 3D profilometer analyzes tablet surface change vs time.

nano tribology of thin films using tribometer

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 Universal-Tribometer MFT-5000 von Rtec Instruments
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Fretting tester from Rtec instruments model FFT-1
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Rtec Instruments Surface Material Tester, SMT-5000
Need Indentation and Scratch Testing?

Learn more about our Indentation and Scratch Tester, the SMT-5000.

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