Hot Hardness Tester

1200C Hardness with, Multi Samples in Inert Atmosphere

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High Temperature Hardness Tester Overview

Rtec high temperature hardness tester is used to do high temperature materials testing up to 1200C. To prevent oxidation of tip and the samples the high temperature indenter comes with sealed chamber with inert gas. High resolution programmable down force control and XY stage allows to do multiple indents on same or multiple samples with ease.

Module Features
● Hardness vs Temperature upto 1200C
● Inert Gas
● Multiple Indents on multiple samples
● Upto 2000N close loop force  
● Oxygen Concentration Sensor 

MFT-5000 Platform Introduction

Rtec Universal Tribometer MFT-5000

The state of the art Rtec Multi Function tribometer Mft-5000 is globally regarded as the most versatile and technologically advanced tribometer.  The patented integrated 3D profilometer allows to analyze surface change vs time makes it usable for many application across various industries. In addition it comes with patented force sensors (piezo, capacitive & strain gauge) with ultra low resolution, highest speeds, stable torque and widest load range than any other commercially available tribometer. 

MFT-5000 verstatily allows to mount several test/application specific modules on same platform. Please visit following links to learn more - High Temperature Tribology,  Product page, Main Applications

Module Information

Hot Hardness Tester

Hot hardness test sample under test

Multiple temperature sensors ensures sample is at desired temperature

Rtec 1200 Hot hardness Tester

Seals, Inert Chamber Thermal Management

Thermal management to prevent sensors heating up and hence negligible thermal drift even at 1200C. Inert sealed atmosphere to prevent oxidation

Rtec 1200 Hot hardness Sample holder

Multiple samples and automatic indents

Automatic multiple indents across one more samples with a click of a button

Characterizing mechanical properties at high temperatures is critical in applications such as engines, turbines, aerospace, power plant constituent parts, hot rolling, ceramics, combustion engine, metallic alloys etc. Phenomena such as phase transformation, change in solubility of alloys etc. could significantly alter the mechanical properties of the components used in high temperature applications. As the temperature of the material increases, it’s hardness generally decreases till it reaches a point where it shows a drastic reduction in hardness. Thus for accurate engineering calculations such as component life, safety factor etc. it is imperative to measure the hot hardness of material at temperatures it can come across during intended use. 
Rtec high temperature hardness testing equipment has a temperature range upto 1200C. Special materials are used to provide excellent insulation to these chambers (the chamber external body is cool to touch even when the internal temperature is at 1200C). The high resolution Rtec load cells are further isolated using innovative design and methods resulting in negligible thermal drift during the test. The holders and sample testing stages are made up of exotic alloys to provide long term use. The chambers also offer options to test under inert gas atmosphere to prevent oxidation of the sample surface and indenters at high temperatures. 
The hot hardness tester comes with standard samples to confirm the data validity at elevated temperature. The module allows to create multiple indents automatically at various temperatures. With combination of various indenters and a wide load range Rtec tribometer can run several hardness tests on same platform. The modules mounts on top of XY stage allows to indent multiple locations. The large chamber size allows to mount several samples or compare materials at same time.


High Temperature Hardness Data
The table shows materials hardness vs temperature for certain metallic alloy. The results obtained shows hardness and permanent depth of penetration at higher temperature.


MFT-5000 high temperature modules are an excellent option to run hardness testing at elevated temperature. High loads up to 10,000N can be applied to achieve high contact pressure for suitable samples.

All the above makes this tester a very powerful tool in the hand of the researcher or QC engineer. Please contact us at or call us at +1 (408)708-9226 for more information.


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