CMP Tester

Inline Integrated Profilometer to look at surface with nm resolution

CMP Tester

CP-6 Chemical Mechanical Polisher Overview

The state of the art Rtec CMP tester CP-6 allows to study and characterize CMP process like never before. In addition to polishing wafers & substrates the tester comes with inline surface profilometer. This combinations sheds information on why and how the surface, friction, wear etc. changed. Tester also measures several inline parameters such as friction, surface roughness, wear volume etc. to understand the process in detail.

● Integrated Confocal 3D Microscope to characterize any material pad surface with nm resolution
● Inline Friction, Acoustic emission to study process
● Inline temperature sensors
● Several wafer sizes can be mounted 
● Controllable Down force and Speeds

Concept- Polishing, Friction, Surface Roughness

XY + 2x Rotary Motion  + 2X Z motions- Standard configuration has X,Y, stage to move the platen between polishing and imaging positions. In addition XY stage helps to oscillate wafer during polishing. Using Platen with XY drive allows an unique multi axis drive combination allows to create any custom motion to simulate testing conditions close to real life scenario.

Inline Sensors

Torque - High resolution inline torque sensors allows for end pointing, and characterizing surfaces in real time

Acoustic - Sound signal signal that allows to qualitatively end point or help to detect debris, defects during polishing process. 

Temperature - Inline temperature monitoring of pad and area close to wafer polishing surface helps to study the removal mechanisms.

Programmable load, Speed
 To optimize the process CP-5000 allows to control and change down force, speed, flow rates using recipe based software.

Ease of use -The tribometer comes with FAST EXCHANGE carriers that allows to mount wafer and pads with ease. The software comes with predefined test standard recipes or new custom recipes can be created with ease.

Patented Integrated Inline 3D Profilometer

CMP Inline Pad 3D Profile Image

Pad 1 Surface

CMP Inline Pad 3D Bump Image

Pad 2 Complete Bump Feature

Rtec 3d Wear Change vs Test Time

3D Surface Change vs test runs

CMP Tester Optical Profiler Integrated

Rtec Chemical mechanical polisher tester  comes with inline integrated 3d profilometer that is optimized to characterize pad surface with nm resolution. The profiler comes with confocal mode + interferometer mode + dark field and bright field modes. This allows to study surface change vs time with nm resolution. Why friction force changes can be easily quantified. The tester allows for automatic stitching across a large surface area for volume wear, roughness calculations. 

Unmatched Load Cell Technology, Sensors

Rtec CP-6 has a wide range of optimized load cell technology. The choices of sensors depends on the application. Rtec has expertise in piezo, capacitive and strain gauge based sensors. High resolution inline force measurements helps to quantify real time interfacial interactions during polishing process.

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