Multi Function Tribometer Configurator

Most versatile system, Configure the system to your testing needs.

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Select MFT Platform

Floor standing or Bench top
XY Stage is standard. 

Add drives which are easily swapable

We have a large collection of modules that could be mounted on XY stage including Rotary, Reciprocating, Block on Ring, Upper Drive, 4 Ball, Tapping, HFRR, Scratch and more

Add one or more load cells which are easily swapable

We have a wide range of Fz, Fx  from mN to 10KN.
and our signature 2D Neon load cells and 6D. 
You can add as many as you need.

Need to test with Liquid?

We have liquid containers with an option to recirculate.

Need to maintain Temperature?

We have a wide range of temperature chambers from -60C / 500C / 1000C 1200C.

Need to maintain Humidity?

We have humidity controllers which can be added to the chambers.  

Need to maintain Pressure?

We have vacuum chambers that go to 10-6 torr and also
high pressure chambers

Need 3D Image of your samples?

Our Integrated Sigma and Lambda heads provide sub nano meter measurements of the sample.This gives you a unique flexibility of measuring before, during and after the mechanical test. Sigma is a White light Interferometer and Lamda is a White light Interferometer + a Confocal. 

Need to study corrosion?

Our tribo corrosion chambers enable you to study tribology, wear and corrosion in one setup. We integrate with most of the leading potentiostats in the market. Three electrode potentiostat, Corrosion mass loss, Open circuit potential, Linear polarization curves, Tafel plot and more.


We have a wide variety of sensors including Acoustic Emission, Contact Resistance, Pressure, Temperature and more

Need to use raman spectroscopy?

We integrate with raman spectroscopy.

Need custom holder for your samples?

We can help design custom holders for your specific sample.

Contact us for a live demo or additional information