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The Rotary drive is typically used for pin/ball on disk/ring tests. The drive is mounted on top of XY stage in the mounting cavity. The MFT allows to run both rotary drive and XY stage at same time and can be programmed independently. The drive speed vs torque ratio can be changed drastically using a different set of gear ratio. The drive comes with various motors to deliver needed torque. The encoder allows it to achieve 0.05 degree resolution. This drive is used as a base module to complete several other modules such as temperature chamber. The sample is mounted on the rotary drive using standard universal disk holder or by using a center hole on top of rotary table.
+Counter Clockwise +Clockwise +Cycle motion +Variable RPM +Auto tuning 


5000 RPM (Standard)
Other Options:
Upto 10000 RPM
Harmonic Drive
Ultra High Torque

Common Applications

Pin on Disk
Ball on Disk
Disk on Disk 
and more

Common Standards

ASTM G99, ASTM G133, ASTM F732 and more. Contact us for an extensive list.

Application Notes

Ball on Disk with 3D Inline Imaging. Progression of wear, wear volume and roughness over time 


Contact us for all available options

Liquid Container 

*Recirculating Option


1000C, 500C
-120C, -60C


High Pressure


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