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The fast reciprocating drive is typically used for pin/ball on disk/plate/ring, piston ring liner etc. tests. The drive is mounted on top of XY stage in the mounting cavity. The tribometer allows running both reciprocating drive and XY stage at same time and can be programmed independently. The stroke of the stage can be changed easily. Various combination of speed vs distance is mentioned in the specification below. This drive is used as a base module to complete several other environmental modules. The sample is mounted on the drive using our standard universal plate holder or by using the holes pattern provide on top of table. Add on LVDT encoder resolution is improved drastically by choosing a lower maximum range encoder. +Adjustable stoke and speed +LVDT for precise stroke measurement 


70Hz Stroke 
Other Options:
LVDT Encoder 
Fretting Drive for >70Hz

Common Applications

Pin on Plate  
Ball on Plate  
Piston ring liner  
and more

Common Standards

ASTM D5706, D5707, D6425, D7217,
D7420, D7594 ,D7421 ,
DIN 51834 /2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9
Contact us for an extensive list.

Application Notes

Ball on Plate with 3D Inline Imaging.
Progression of wear, wear volume and
roughness over time 


Contact us for all available options

Liquid Container

*Recirculating Option


1000C, 500C



Tribo Corrosion

Three electrode potentiostat, Corrosion mass loss, Open circuit potential, Linear polarization curves, Tafel plot and more.

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