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Universal Lubricant Testing 

The Multi Function Tribometer is geared to run several ASTM, DIN, ISO standards and any customized test to evaluate wear and tribological properties of lubricant, oil, grease, additives, solid coatings and more. The tests can be done in controlled environmental conditions including humidity, temperature and more. Loads from mN to 10,000N.



The High Frequency Reciprocating Rig- HFRR (ASTM D6079) to evaluate diesel fuel lubricity. The ball is caused to rub against the disk 1mm stroke at a frequency of 50 Hz for 75 min. Real time down force control , piezo sensors to measure inline friction makes this module very reliable and repeatable.


Linear Oscillating

The standard Test to determine extreme pressure, friction wear properties of lubricant greases, solid bonded films, gear and hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils. All tests are done in oscillation mode under controlled environmental conditions. ASTM D5706, D5707, D6425, D7217, D7420, D7594 ,D7421 , DIN 51834 /2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9


Block on Ring, Timken EP, OK Test

The block on ring module is typically used to evaluate friction wear of materials, lubricant where a ring/bearing/shaft is rotated under load. ASTM G77, D2509, D2714, D2782, D2981, D3704


4 Ball, EP wear

4 ball module is used to measure friction, wear and EP properties of oils and greases. The test involves rotating one ball on three stationary balls at controlled environmental conditions. Confirm to meet ASTM D2266, D4172, D5183, D2596, D2783, VW PV1444, PV1454, DIN51350-1, DIN51350-2, DIN51350-4, DIN51350-6, IP 300, IP 299, CEC L-45-A-00 (KRL) and more.

Fast Exchange makes all these modules easily swapable on the MFT platform. Temperature and recirculation addons are also available


Piston Ring Liner

This test helps evaluate friction and wear parameters of piston ring liner material in presence of engine oils. Few applicable standards are ASTMG181-11  and more. The test setup allows to mount real pieces of actual piston ring and liners.


Thrust Washer

This test (ASTM 3702) helps evaluate friction and wear parameters of self-lubricated materials in thrust washers ASTM3702


Pin, ball on disk

The module allows to measure wear, friction while sliding using pin/ball on disk setup. ASTM G 99,
DIN 50324


Stribeck Curve

Stribeck curve is a plot between coefficient of friction and bearing number. In all modules listed above user can change the load and velocity to automatically plot Stribeck Curves with ease.

Tapping Torque, Twist Compression, Drilling

Tapping torque module allows to characterize friction, wear, torque etc. during forming and machining. The test involves tapping/drilling using taps of various standard sizes on materials of choice. Twist Compression is designed to measure friction and adhesion in metal forming. Test involves slowly rotating a ring on top of material of choice.

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