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Block On Ring

The block on ring drive is typically used to test bearings, rings and perform block on ring tests. The drive is mounted on top of XY stage. The tribometer allows to run both block on ring drive and XY stage at same time and can be programmed independently. The drive speed vs torque ratio can be changed drastically by using a different set of gear ratio (can be done by the trained end user). The drive comes with two interchangeable motors to deliver needed torque. The samples are mounted on the shaft drive using our standard adapters. The drive can mount standard Timken rings as is.


5000 RPM (Standard)
Other options available

Common Applications

Bearing, Timken test,
Block on ring test and more

Common Standards

ASTM G77, D2509, D2714, D2782,
D2981, D3704
Contact us for an extensive list.

Application Notes



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Liquid Container 

*Recirculating Option


Other options available



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