Adhesion Tester

Contact area vs Force, Pull up Adhesion, Work of Adhesion, Shear Adhesion, Friction and Wear

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Rtec Adhesion Tester is a turn key solution to measure Pull up Adhesion force,

Surf-2 Main Features

Rtec Adhesion Tester is a turn key solution to measure Pull up Adhesion force, Work of Adhesion and Shear Adhesion of materials. Equipped with Ultra-Sensitive Capacitance Load Cells this tester provides µN level resolution with forces up to 5N. The High-Resolution sensors allow characterization of large samples over macroscopic length scales to study the effect of texture and other surface modifications. Integrated with High Resolution Inverted Camera, it allows the researchers to measure Contact Area vs. Force making it extremely useful in measuring Adhesion of Soft Materials, Biomimetics and Hydrogels.

Module Features
● High resolution patented force measurement with uN resolution
● Inline inverted camera to automatic calculate contact area vs time
● Table Top small Foot print
●Low Floor Noise
●Test Large Samples at Macro Scales

Summary Specification


● Self Cleaning Surfaces
● Contact Mechanics
● Biomimetics
● Oil interaction with surfaces
● Hydrogels
● Anti-Adhesion Surfaces
● Skin Adhesion
● Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
● Bio Adhesion

Key Specifications

• Down Force- 0.1mN to 5N

• Shear Force- 0.1mN to 5N
• Pull up Force- 0.1mN to 5N
• Low Floor Noise (RMS)- 0.1µN
• Displacement Resolution- 1µm
• Speed- 0.01mm/s to 5mm/s  
• Integrated Inverted Camera with Bright Field and 

Data And Analysis

Contact Area Real Time With Force

Real Time Image Analysis

Rtec Adhesion Tester Data

Real time Force Measurement


Adhesion, Surface Adhesion

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