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New generation tribometers that can run several standard tribological and mechanical tests on same platform. Sturdy design, multi mode closed loop force control, state of the art electronics, equipped with various in-situ characterization techniques and easy to use software makes Rtec tribometers to be reliable, precise and user friendly.


Multi Function Tribometer

MFT Platform can perform multiple standard tests with easily swappable modules.

MFT Modules including
Rotary  - Pin on Disc, Ball on Disc, Disc on Disc and more 
Reciprocating - Pin on Plate, Linear, HFRR and more 
Block on Ring 
Upper Rotary - 4Ball,   Twist Compression   
Scratch and more
Enviromental Chambers for vacuum, pressure, humidity, temperature are also available
Inline Imaging modules

Scratch Tester

Single Function Testers

We have testers that can perform dedicated ASTM test.

Fretting Tester

Fretting Tester

Introducing our fretting tester with electromagnetic actuators that can generate motion upto 500Hz; 5 microns to 5mm.

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